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OX Media Productions is a private company that seeks to produce TV Ads, cartoon, film and documentary works and aspires to participate in expressing the aspiration of Arab as well as global creative artists, both in terms of art and in the embodiment of values that reflect the aspirations of the Arab spirit for a new world free of Extremism and intolerance.

We provide media services such as Media production, Media Marketing, Digital Media Management and Dubbing/Dublaj; which supports our vision.

Our Services

Media Production
Media Marketing
Digital Media Management

Media production:

Audio and Video Production Services:

  • Introduction Videos Production and Montages
  • Introduction Audio Production and Montages
  • Real Videos Production and Montages
  • Voice and Collaboration Services (Building, Hall and Theatre Audio Systems)

Video Animation Services:

  • Video 2D‐ Production and Montage
  • Video 3D‐ Production and Montage
  • Animated Video Production (Introductory or Presentation)
  • Animated Videos Production and Montages
  • Infographics and Animation Services

Media Marketing:

In addition to our localization services, we offer additional turnkey solutions. Master image versioning, formatting, audio matching, converting, final output customization are amongst our technical services. Furthermore, our studios equipped with Final Cut and Avid systems cater to all encoding and transcoding systems, if required, editing and montage needs as well. Here are some examples you could be interested.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Messaging Marketing Services
    • SMS Marketing Messaging
    • Email Marketing Messaging
    • MMS Marketing Messaging


OX provides dubbing voice services for your Video projects from English and Turkish to Arabic. With our voice actors in the professional voice agency, we create cast team and offer voiceover to content such as advertising film, promotional film, television series, cinema movie. Dubbing voice service is offered to all production companies, advertising agencies, digital agencies, television organizations and many other companies in Turkey. Our company follows the latest technological developments and uses Pro Tools system, which is preferred by most professionals around the globe. The system gives its user the ability to process high-quality dubbing, voice matching, stereo and 5.1 mix projects.

Lip Synch

After the translation and adaptation stages are completed, the text is entirely synchronized with the lip movements of the speaker on the screen and recorded. Following the mixing process, the projects are delivered ready to be on air.

Voice Over

As a rule, the voice-over is added where the voice of a narrator or a voice heard over the image of the speaker on the screen. It is mostly preferred in documentaries.

Digital Media Management:

  • Audience Analysis Services
  • Website SEO Services
  • PPC Pay Per Click Ads. Marketing
  • CMS - Content Management System - Websites Management
  • Social Media Management Subscriptions